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Race the wind, breathe freedom, ride a horse.

Stallion’s Valley isn’t a vacation; it is a break from the regular and a step towards the extraordinary.You don’t just learn to ride horses; you learn to appreciate life.


Develops balance, improves coordination & motor function


The challenge of learning stimulates and excites them mind.


Riding doesn’t just connect you with nature, it also allows you to connect with yourself.

Riders Paradise

At Stallions Valley, we offer excellent green atmosphere and ambience for joyous gallop through hills, valleys and country side and experience riding amidst nature at its best along with possibility of many other adventurous activities.

We Invite amateur/trained/experienced horse riders to visit us and experience horse riding in a verdant, village & forest environment with lot of thrills and opportunities for other adventurous sports.

Amateur / Trained / Experienced Horse riders interested to visit us for a different horse riding experience should come with sportswear, preferably cotton (loose long pants or shorts & T-shirts preferred-except red and high bright colors; preference is light or forest green or any other light colors) and shoes-canvass/leather/rubber/PU) and sufficient change of clothes. Riding can be done only in the morning (6.30 AM-9 AM) and evening (4.30 PM-7 PM). This includes 1 tea/coffee and snacks, and drinking water (natural, pure water) and bathroom facility.

Farm House
Farm House
Farm House
Farm House

Boarding Facilities Provided

Built by a passionate horsemen and his crew, Stallion’s Valley is fully equipped to give a pampered lifestyle to horses in boarding with them. With a minimal fee, clients can board their precious horses and can visit them at any time. The horses are well fed, three times a day and cared for round the clock with proper exercise, massages, training and grooming.


Homestay Facilities

Stallions Valley can also be your holidaying destination, and we provide all required facilities for a peaceful, verdant holidaying with opportunity for a lot of unique tourist activities including food (traditional Kerala cuisine), trekking, ayurveda treatments, yoga classes, close interaction with tribes and definitely horse riding. The accommodation provided is nestled in wilderness, here the luxury is in living as close to the nature as possible.


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